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Large-Format Drawing Scanning

Engineering Drawing Scanning

From the construction phase to interior design and furnishings, it needs to produce design sketches and drawings for discussions with clients before the construction starts. However, the design elements could be drastically changed along the way so as the design documents. Often time, the design documents are likely to become dirty or damaged in a chaotic environment like the construction site.

To preserve the contents of the design track record, and a huge number of blueprints, you can digitize these documents into electronic format for easy access, archival and management using the Mustek’s A3 large-format scanner.

Screen Printing Artwork

Before making the screen printing mesh, the process of electronically generating text and graphics must be done. With the Mustek’s all series of scanners, it optimizes your scans so that the text and graphics in the scan are very clear and sharp with high-resolution, therefore to produce fine mesh for screen printing with high quality.

Children’s Graffiti

Children's drawings and graffiti serve as a physical reminder of their childhood. At different periods of child's growth, the shapes, compositions, colors in the style of their hand-drawn pictures are always unique. Preserving each of your children's artwork is a best way you can keep records of your children's growth and development. With Mustek’s scanner, you can easily scan and digitize your children’s artwork for easy accessibility and preservation.

Dyed Cloth Patterns

Beautiful dye patterns come in various forms and styles. Whether the pattern is traditional or modern design, you can scan a huge amount of original patterns in an electronic database, which makes production management more convenient.


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